F�o�u�d�a�t�i�o�n� �f�o�r� �A�s�i�a� �P�a�c�i�f�i�c� �E�d�u�c�a�t�i�o�n� �-� �A�b�o�u�t� �U�s�


The more we know about each other, the more we learn about each other, the more we engage on differences that we have between our societies and between our social systems and between our political points of view, the better off we are. The more dialogue we have at every level, and especially at the academic level, where opinion-makers are located&the better off we are.

Colin Powell March 18, 2004












Foundation for
Asia Pacific Education


The Foundation for Asia Pacific Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Denver, Colorado whose mission is to create global citizens and leaders by assisting students in achieving their personal and professional goals of obtaining cultural and academic experiences within the Asia Pacific region. 

Core Values

  • We believe international education experiences help to prepare students to become global-minded citizens, broad thinkers and problem solvers with an international perspective;
  • We believe in the worth of every student, and that each one deserves an opportunity to expand horizons though international exploration;
  • We believe students, especially those from underrepresented populations, will greatly benefit from outside financial support such as a scholarship to participate in international education experience.

The Foundation will support this mission by awarding scholarships to help enable students to obtain international experience in the Asia Pacific region.  Students who are from underrepresented populations in international education are a priority.

We show our commitment to these core values by awarding scholarships to help students who may otherwise be unable to have an affordable international experience such as our focus on assisting underrepresented students.  Underrepresented may include but is not limited to:

  • students from low income families;
  • ethnic backgrounds;
  • academic majors;
  • Rocky Mountain geographic region; or
  • 1st generation college students

The Foundation seeks support of its mission through financial and other contributions from individuals and organizations that will ultimately benefit when hiring students with international education experiences and organizations that see value from education abroad, both for their own goals and the world in general

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There are a number of ways to help support our mission.  Click here for details.


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