"The scholarship I received from the Foundation for Asia Pacific Education allowed me to fully experience the Australia in a away I would have otherwise not been able to. I used the money to explore the west coast of the country from Perth to Broome over our spring break. The experience gained from having the scholarship was priceless and I urge any students going abroad to apply."

- A. Husley, Foundation for Asia Pacific Education Award Recipient

















Foundation for
Asia Pacific Education


“I would like to thank the Foundation for Asia Pacific Education for making my dream come true! I had the time of my life meeting new people in new places. Studying marine neurobiology at the University of Queensland was a fantastic experience!” - J. Paulsen, Foundation Award Recipient

"There is an incalculable number of benefits to studying abroad. To start off with, I can now say that I have experienced something that so many others have not. I was able to immerse myself into the culture of another country for four months, and truly see what it was like to live there. The experience has affected every aspect of my life. Personally, I have been able to grow as a person. I am more aware of the world and cultures around me, and more open and excited to learn about each of them. Further, I am a more independent and self-sufficient person now, than when I left for Australia. Educationally, I of course learned what I was supposed to in my courses, but in addition, I learned about myself, and I learned about other people and how to interact with them. I was living with people who had never been to America, and were raised in Singapore, Zimbabwe, and Australia. I was given such an enlightened insight into the way other people are raised, and the lives they have experienced, and I just feel like a more in-touch and aware person because of this. Studying abroad will also impact my vocational life in the future. I have already had recruiters look at my resume and express a great interest in my time abroad, and remark on how it is good to see that I have experience with other cultures, and will affect me positively when it comes time to get a job. Overall, it was the most beneficial and rewarding experience of my life." - K. Elliott, Foundation for Asia Pacific Education Award Recipient

"After doing some research, I realized what an amazing part China plays in America's economy and the future of the world. I have always been interested in Chinese culture, but never thought that I could possibly learn the language. Well, after two years of study in America, and another fourteen months in China, I feel I have really learned a great deal, not only about Mandarin, but about myself, China, and the world. I think many people underestimate their ability to thrive with a foreign language, if they would just go to the country of its origin…  China, as well as the rest of East Asia, now holds a critical component of the American economy and our future in their hands. Just take a look at the origin of most manufactured goods and what will it say... "Made In China". I am of the utmost belief that those who really want to understand the future of America, need to study China's history and culture, as well as the contemporary situation of the country." –L. Knox, Semester Abroad at Sichuan University

"Studying abroad helped me find who I was and grow not only as a person but as a future business woman. I learned to be true to myself, and broadened my worldview, realizing how small the world truly is. I attended an International college and I studied with people from all over the world and experienced the difference in our cultures. I gained important communication skills from the entire experience that will flow into my educational and professional life." – S. Zakula, Foundation for Asia Pacific Education Award Recipient